Yet another privacy breach by Google…

On the day when Google was losing in London’s High Court, on the other side of the Atlantic the company was facing further censure for invading consumers’ privacy.

The Register reports on Google breaking Canadian laws by targeting consumers with ads based on sensitive health information.  You couldn’t make this stuff up.  This highlights again […]

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International media reports on G Day victory for the campaign’s claimants

G Day turned out to be a big day of media coverage of our case.  More to come too as Google are still determined not to do the right thing it seems and are planning to apply to the Court of Appeals for the right to appeal yesterday’s decision.  Obviously the Judge’s comments in […]

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G Day for Google: it can’t ignore English justice

The High Court decision has sparked quite a debate about Google’s liability in the UK for any privacy breaches.  We hope it will now take heed of the potential consequence of its actions and will decide to do the right thing by respecting our rights to privacy.    This is what we’ve called for […]

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High Court Decision Statement – Click in to activate links

Link to full statement via Baili

PDF of full statement: High Court of Justice – Vidall-Hall v Google Inc


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Google to face English Justice – High Court decision

A group of British internet users have won a landmark decision by the High Court that Google will have to answer a claim in England that accuses the internet giant of ignoring users’ privacy.

The High Court rejected Google’s attempts to have the case thrown out.   Google had argued that the appropriate forum should be […]

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Reasons not to let Google take control of your home

Google wants to know what you get up to in your home.  Yes it has spent $3.2 billion on acquiring a business with the aim of being the platform for running all sorts of electronic devices in your private space.  It’s a big figure but probably makes great business sense for a company determined […]

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G Day in the UK

Today’s the day that Google will learn if it can evade English justice.  In a landmark decision, an English High Court judge will this morning hand down his decision on whether Google can be sued in the UK or whether consumers who claim their privacy has been breached need to travel to California to […]

Finally, a politician that gets it… Lord Reid on Google’s attempt to evade English courts

Former Home Secretary and Defence Secretary, Lord Reid, has expressed concerns in the Daily Telegraph about the impact of Google’s stance on the litigation being brought against it by British Safari users.

He fears that Google risks depriving Brits of their rights, encouraging tech giants to move to jurisdictions where they can ignore privacy rights, […]

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Google challenge to Wikipedia

Fascinating article in the Register today that says that Google is in trouble yet again, apparently abusing its power to challenge Wikipedia’s very existence.  Now this is not our normal beat, and we can’t speak to the facts about this dispute, but what this does confirm very clearly is that:

1. Google is very powerful […]

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French Regulator Fines Google. British Regulator must also act, say consumers

The consumer action group, the Google Governance Campaign, has called on the British regulator, the Information Commissioner (ICO), to impose fines on Google for violating European privacy laws.

The internet giant has faced no sanction in the United Kingdom for its unified privacy policy, yet regulators in France have fined it €150k and in Spain […]

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