Google has tried to sneak out a regulatory notice informing consumers of its fine by the French regulator, CNIL, this weekend.  The notice is up as we write, but will be down tomorrow (Sunday evening), presumably in the hope that most consumers will miss it as they’ll be enjoying le weekend.  Anyway, scroll down to see the screenshot they’d prefer you not to see.

Google was in court in France appealing against the €150k fine from CNIL, with ordered Google to place a notice explaining this on the homepage of Google France –

CNIL took action in response to Google’s consolidated privacy policy that the French believe falls foul of their citizens’ right to privacy.

The wording of the notice is

Communiqué: la formation restreinte de la Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés a condamné la société Google à 150 000 euros d’amende pour manquements à la loi « informatique et libertés ». Décision accessible à l’adresse suivante:

My translation is Announcement: CNIL has  ordered Google to pay a fine of 150,000 Euros for breaches of the computing and freedom laws.  The decision can be read at the above URL.

Good on the French for forcing this though.  What does it say about Google for trying to sneak this out at a weekend?   Well it shows that this form of obligation hurts, that they are embarrassed and they DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW.

Let’s spread the work.  Let their tracking cookies crumble.