Google is advertising (on its own site obviously) for a General Counsel in London who will have as part of his or her remit, the role of “privacy engineering”.  The internet giant says the lucky candidate will get to work with a “whip-smart group of in-house lawyers” – so smart you could argue that they have just been repeatedly unlucky to face such repeated criticism for their privacy infringements.  My, you could almost argue that if they are truly “whip smart” that these infringements must have been deliberate.  But who knows.

All we know for sure is that no matter how many “whip smart” lawyers Google hires, in our opinion it fails to heed the valid concerns of consumers about its privacy policy.

Turning to the responsibilities the lucky lawyer will take on – all legal and regulatory issues including “data protection, data retention, data security and data breach rules.”  They have rules for data breaches?  Must have misread that one.  The role will also be responsible for “Privacy Engineering, Public Policy, Corporate Communications”.  It is interesting to note that privacy is linked with lobbying and spin.  Fascinating.  Further responsibility likes with assisting “the continued development and improvement of all aspects Google’s privacy compliance program (data transfers, processing, privacy policies, staff training, etc.).”  Given that Google seems to have a few errors over the years, training and policies might require additional work.  Looks like the transfer (where to we wonder) of data and processing, or should we say consolidating (?), is part of Google’s future.

There’s no word on the salary.

Here’s the URL for anyone wanting to apply.  Could the lucky candidate please give us a call, so that we can cut out the need to sue Google in future?!t=jo&jid=18315001