Fascinating article in the Register today that says that Google is in trouble yet again, apparently abusing its power to challenge Wikipedia’s very existence.  Now this is not our normal beat, and we can’t speak to the facts about this dispute, but what this does confirm very clearly is that:

1. Google is very powerful and prepared to take robust commercial action to maintain its power

2. Google promotes its own services and interests at the expense of anyone else

3. Wikipedia is suffering.

Well worth a read with a great quote at the end…

“Google once championed the cause of “net neutrality” – but abandoned the neutrality crusaders as soon as it had built out the world’s largest private network, one designed to carry Google’s own video traffic.

The moral is: if you’re a contributor to an “open” web resource, then beware: the hippy ethos simply marks you out as a mug. Unless you protect and license your work, youwill be exploited by a powerful corporation. Because as the Scorpion said to the Frog, “It’s in my nature – it’s what I do”*. ®”