We are not fans of Google’s Gmail service.  The reason is that we have deep concerns about the company’s attitude to privacy and that email involves the sharing of information that can be private and confidential.  Now it seems that Google is taking steps that exacerbate this risk.  Any Gmail users need to be warned.

Reuters reported recently on a new feature in Google’s Gmail service which will result in users potentially receiving messages from people to whom they have not given their email address.  The company has announced a change which will broaden the list of contacts available on Gmail.  It’s apparently part of Googles attempts to integrate its Google+ social media service.  Even if you aren’t part of this so far, if you use Gmail you’re going to get an account if you like it or not.

Whilst the new Gmail feature could be great news for stalkers, we are deeply concerned that it is yet another nail in the coffin for our rights to privacy.  Google just doesn’t seem to understand why privacy matters.  It has allowed users to opt out of the change.  But we all know that most people won’t remember to do this or will not real the email notification from the company.  Great news for Google – once again it can put potential profits over privacy.  This is why our campaign continues.