Britain’s Information Commissioner steps into Google Privacy Breaches Legal Action

The UK’s privacy regulator, the Information Commissioner, is to make a dramatic final hour intervention in an English Court of Appeal hearing in which Google will seek, once again, to prevent consumers from suing it in England.

The Information Commissioner, which regulates internet companies and the use of private data, has asked the Court of […]

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Google to enter English Court of Appeal to stop consumer privacy “test case

 Google returns to the English courts on Monday, determined to prevent British consumers from continuing a legal action which accuses the internet giant of flouting their right to privacy.

The consumers claim that Google ignored their wishes, bypassing security settings, to install tracking cookies on their computers which enabled the company to target them with […]

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Sign the Virgin Atlantic petition – don’t get glassed by Google

The Google Governance Campaign has started a petition calling on Virgin Atlantic NOT to continue with its trial of Google Glass, the snoopy spectacles that gather your data for Google, at London’s Heathrow Airport.

We firmly oppose Google Glass.  It is intrusive, unnecessary and of profound concern given Google’s previous behaviour on privacy.  Allowing it […]

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A Valentine’s Day message to Google


As a consumer business, you want to be loved.  Hell, you need to be loved.  But you won’t be loved and you won’t have a lasting relationship without mutual respect.  How can we respect and love you when you persistently abuse our right to privacy?

Our Valentine’s Day message to you, dearest Google, is to […]

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Google says “NON” to French privacy regulator – tries to keep privacy fine private

Google has had a torrid time in France recently.  The French data regulator, CNIL, has fined it €150k due to its privacy policy.   The French tax authorities have demanded an additional €1bn in taxation, arguing that it should pay more for profits generated in the country.  Google’s answer is Non, je n’accepte rien. […]

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Gmail Google+ privacy risk. Now your email address could be shared whether you like it or not.

We are not fans of Google’s Gmail service.  The reason is that we have deep concerns about the company’s attitude to privacy and that email involves the sharing of information that can be private and confidential.  Now it seems that Google is taking steps that exacerbate this risk.  Any Gmail users need to be […]

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International media reports on G Day victory for the campaign’s claimants

G Day turned out to be a big day of media coverage of our case.  More to come too as Google are still determined not to do the right thing it seems and are planning to apply to the Court of Appeals for the right to appeal yesterday’s decision.  Obviously the Judge’s comments in […]

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G Day for Google: it can’t ignore English justice

The High Court decision has sparked quite a debate about Google’s liability in the UK for any privacy breaches.  We hope it will now take heed of the potential consequence of its actions and will decide to do the right thing by respecting our rights to privacy.    This is what we’ve called for […]

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High Court Decision Statement – Click in to activate links

Link to full statement via Baili

PDF of full statement: High Court of Justice – Vidall-Hall v Google Inc


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G Day in the UK

Today’s the day that Google will learn if it can evade English justice.  In a landmark decision, an English High Court judge will this morning hand down his decision on whether Google can be sued in the UK or whether consumers who claim their privacy has been breached need to travel to California to […]