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Google tries to sneak out forced French fine statement at the weekend

Google has tried to sneak out a regulatory notice informing consumers of its fine by the French regulator, CNIL, this weekend.  The notice is up as we write, but will be down tomorrow (Sunday evening), presumably in the hope that most consumers will miss it as they’ll be enjoying le weekend.  Anyway, scroll down […]

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Google says “NON” to French privacy regulator – tries to keep privacy fine private

Google has had a torrid time in France recently.  The French data regulator, CNIL, has fined it €150k due to its privacy policy.   The French tax authorities have demanded an additional €1bn in taxation, arguing that it should pay more for profits generated in the country.  Google’s answer is Non, je n’accepte rien. […]

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French attack Google’s tax ‘strategies’ with €1bn demand – time for the UK to act

The French tax authorities are claiming €1bn from Google after completing an investigation of its tax strategies.

According to Agence France Presse, Google  reported €192.9m of revenue in France in 2012, and paid just €6.5m in tax on a net profit of €8.3m.  Media reports state that much of Google’s French revenue passes through a Dutch-registered […]

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Google tracking cookies’ days are numbered. Worse to come spells a bitter taste for privacy

In its quarterly earnings call yesterday, Google’s chief business officer, Nikesh Arora, was asked a question about cookies and effectively admitted that the company has teams working on new ways to monitor consumers.

The company has been in hot water over its use of cookies for some time.  These little bits of software have been […]

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Google seeks London Privacy Lawyer – Ad speaks volumes to Google’s legal strategy

Google is advertising (on its own site obviously) for a General Counsel in London who will have as part of his or her remit, the role of “privacy engineering”.  The internet giant says the lucky candidate will get to work with a “whip-smart group of in-house lawyers” – so smart you could argue that […]

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Google fined for “illegal data gathering”

The Korean Communications Commission has fined Google 212 million won (US$196,938) for illegally collecting personal data through street imaging technology.   The fine was levied after Google’s Street View data gathering process, which took place in South Korea between 2009 and 2010, slurped up private data such as contact details, passwords and probably a great […]

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Calendar Privacy Flaw – another error by Google

Google has once again had to promise to address an error leading to a privacy risk, this time on Google Calendar.  The website, the Verge, reports that users who use the service to create personal reminders and who put a person’s email address in the Calendar subject line automatically invite that person to the […]

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Is the Treasury being leant on by Google?

We understand from the BBC that the Treasury is angry at what it calls “grandstanding” by Margaret Hodge and her committee over foreign companies and taxation.  Apparently the Treasury thinks big business will be put off coming to Britain because of the threat of public humiliation at the hands of Hodge and the Public […]

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Gmail Google+ privacy risk. Now your email address could be shared whether you like it or not.

We are not fans of Google’s Gmail service.  The reason is that we have deep concerns about the company’s attitude to privacy and that email involves the sharing of information that can be private and confidential.  Now it seems that Google is taking steps that exacerbate this risk.  Any Gmail users need to be […]

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EU Justice Commissioner says Google privacy fines are “pocket money”. Calls on countries to “get serious”

The European Justice Commissioner, Viviane Reding, has admitted in a speech that tiny fines have had no impact on Google’s approach to privacy and has called on European regulators to get real.  In a speech on the dry topic of EU data protect reform, Reding woke the audience up with the following views on […]

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