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Time for Google to not be a #Glasshole by taking its own advice and respecting others

Google has said to users of its intrusive recording spectacle product, Google Glass, that they need to avoid being a “Glasshole” by not respecting other people.  In a page of ‘dos and don’ts’ for Glass users, the company studiously ignores mentioning the word ‘privacy’.   Yet its advice clearly is, in part, a reaction […]

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Google Plus anti trust and privacy risk revealed in New York Times. #StoptheGFiles

The real plus from Google Plus is for Google itself, according to the New York Times.  It has highlighted how Google is increasingly trying to coral internet users into signing into Google Plus, even if they don’t use the social media platform, in order to profit from bringing together of user information from all […]

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A Valentine’s Day message to Google


As a consumer business, you want to be loved.  Hell, you need to be loved.  But you won’t be loved and you won’t have a lasting relationship without mutual respect.  How can we respect and love you when you persistently abuse our right to privacy?

Our Valentine’s Day message to you, dearest Google, is to […]

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Google patents reveal its privacy intentions

There’s a fascinating article by Yasha Levine that illuminates a point we’ve been mulling over for some time: what data Google holds on us and what it’s aiming to achieve with all of this.  The full article, available here’s-profit-surveillance-problem reveals the following:
Here’s are some of the things that Google would use to construct its profiles, […]

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UK privacy claimant calls on Information Commissioner to copy the French approach on Google

Marc Bradshaw, one of the three British claimants taking legal action against Google for the Safari breach, has written a letter in response to the action forced on Google France by French regulator, CNIL.  At the weekend Google tried to sneak out the notice of enforcement that CNIL obliged it to put on its […]

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Google tries to sneak out forced French fine statement at the weekend

Google has tried to sneak out a regulatory notice informing consumers of its fine by the French regulator, CNIL, this weekend.  The notice is up as we write, but will be down tomorrow (Sunday evening), presumably in the hope that most consumers will miss it as they’ll be enjoying le weekend.  Anyway, scroll down […]

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Google says “NON” to French privacy regulator – tries to keep privacy fine private

Google has had a torrid time in France recently.  The French data regulator, CNIL, has fined it €150k due to its privacy policy.   The French tax authorities have demanded an additional €1bn in taxation, arguing that it should pay more for profits generated in the country.  Google’s answer is Non, je n’accepte rien. […]

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French attack Google’s tax ‘strategies’ with €1bn demand – time for the UK to act

The French tax authorities are claiming €1bn from Google after completing an investigation of its tax strategies.

According to Agence France Presse, Google  reported €192.9m of revenue in France in 2012, and paid just €6.5m in tax on a net profit of €8.3m.  Media reports state that much of Google’s French revenue passes through a Dutch-registered […]

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Google tracking cookies’ days are numbered. Worse to come spells a bitter taste for privacy

In its quarterly earnings call yesterday, Google’s chief business officer, Nikesh Arora, was asked a question about cookies and effectively admitted that the company has teams working on new ways to monitor consumers.

The company has been in hot water over its use of cookies for some time.  These little bits of software have been […]

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