VICTORY! Google defeated in Court of Appeal

Google defeated in English Court of Appeal – Landmark decision opens door for litigation by millions of British Apple users

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an attempt by Google to prevent British computer users from being able to sue it in England.

The landmark hearing, presided over by the Master of the Rolls, the Rt. […]

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Google in “last ditch effort” to thwart privacy test case at Court of Appeal

Google returns to the English High Court on Monday in a last ditch effort to prevent British consumers from having the right to sue it in the UK.

Consumers filed an action against Google in June 2013, claiming that Google ignored their wishes, bypassing security settings, to install tracking cookies on their computers in order […]

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Britain’s Information Commissioner steps into Google Privacy Breaches Legal Action

The UK’s privacy regulator, the Information Commissioner, is to make a dramatic final hour intervention in an English Court of Appeal hearing in which Google will seek, once again, to prevent consumers from suing it in England.

The Information Commissioner, which regulates internet companies and the use of private data, has asked the Court of […]

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Google to enter English Court of Appeal to stop consumer privacy “test case

 Google returns to the English courts on Monday, determined to prevent British consumers from continuing a legal action which accuses the internet giant of flouting their right to privacy.

The consumers claim that Google ignored their wishes, bypassing security settings, to install tracking cookies on their computers which enabled the company to target them with […]

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Sign the Virgin Atlantic petition – don’t get glassed by Google

The Google Governance Campaign has started a petition calling on Virgin Atlantic NOT to continue with its trial of Google Glass, the snoopy spectacles that gather your data for Google, at London’s Heathrow Airport.

We firmly oppose Google Glass.  It is intrusive, unnecessary and of profound concern given Google’s previous behaviour on privacy.  Allowing it […]

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Time for Google to not be a #Glasshole by taking its own advice and respecting others

Google has said to users of its intrusive recording spectacle product, Google Glass, that they need to avoid being a “Glasshole” by not respecting other people.  In a page of ‘dos and don’ts’ for Glass users, the company studiously ignores mentioning the word ‘privacy’.   Yet its advice clearly is, in part, a reaction […]

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Google Plus anti trust and privacy risk revealed in New York Times. #StoptheGFiles

The real plus from Google Plus is for Google itself, according to the New York Times.  It has highlighted how Google is increasingly trying to coral internet users into signing into Google Plus, even if they don’t use the social media platform, in order to profit from bringing together of user information from all […]

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A Valentine’s Day message to Google


As a consumer business, you want to be loved.  Hell, you need to be loved.  But you won’t be loved and you won’t have a lasting relationship without mutual respect.  How can we respect and love you when you persistently abuse our right to privacy?

Our Valentine’s Day message to you, dearest Google, is to […]

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Google patents reveal its privacy intentions

There’s a fascinating article by Yasha Levine that illuminates a point we’ve been mulling over for some time: what data Google holds on us and what it’s aiming to achieve with all of this.  The full article, available here’s-profit-surveillance-problem reveals the following:
Here’s are some of the things that Google would use to construct its profiles, […]

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UK privacy claimant calls on Information Commissioner to copy the French approach on Google

Marc Bradshaw, one of the three British claimants taking legal action against Google for the Safari breach, has written a letter in response to the action forced on Google France by French regulator, CNIL.  At the weekend Google tried to sneak out the notice of enforcement that CNIL obliged it to put on its […]

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